The St Francios County Beef Initiative is a county focused food supply chain. Beef protein is the oldest supply chain, we are merely nodding to the many thousand year relationship between our ancestors and the food supply chain they developed for us.

We are turning to the old ways, seeking wisdom in how we feed ourselves. Local, we have got to abandon these corporations that seem to hold us hostage. We can’t allow the strength of our community to be weakened by traders on wall street who, btw, have more control over our food then we do.

This is America, not the land but the idea. Kings in far away cities are making the decisions that you should be. Not only about how we live, but also how we “live”.

Lets stop supporting this cooperate machine, and start building our supply chain, like our great grandparents did before us.

The Beef Initiative is a peacetime ecosystem of p2p systems that plug local ranchers and farmers directly into our community, no middle men, no wallstreet bros playing russian roulette with your food. We have amazing tools that can free us from this relationship we feel stuck in with corporate food.

In non peacetime however, the Beef Initiative will wage a strategic offense against corporate capture of our most critical supply chain. We will not allow our families food to be controlled my anyone, anywhere, for any reason.

This might be the last time we have to stand up for our food, before we are 100% reliant on trucks to feed ourselves. The corporate machine’s vision for our town ends here. This relationship isn’t consensual.

Stop playing with our food.